Hermits Rock

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Look, it’s not as if Hillary Clinton came out of nowhere to win New Hampshire. There were five days between Obama’s Iowa caucus win and yesterday’s primary. That is the amount of time it takes to entertain a story and begin to recognize that there is a chance that the inevitable nominee might be vulnerable. What it is not is enough time to decide what to do about those impressions, which is one reason so many voters appear to have made up their minds at the last minute. What it shows is what was already known: a Clinton campaign is a formidable campaign.

Also: As I see it, Obama has about two weeks to make his campaign’s “change” theme less squishy.

Also 2: See Apostropher, whose delegate-count perspective is helpful.



For the record, I am staying home today due to sickness for the first time in about 3-4 years. I’m running a fever of 102, have the chills, and feel utterly crappy. It all started (seriously) last night when the NH returns came in. In other words, I’m afraid HRC literally makes me sick.

A dubious claim given that, just last week, you were in the same room with her and remained healthy!

(All the same, get weller soon.)

Although come to think of it, on Nov. 6, 2004, I felt particularly ill after watching election returns. Perhaps there is something to the TV’s contagion…

The title has been corrected.

There was a theory floating around on NPR today that some independents in NH may have been planning to vote for Obama, but thinking that Obama had it wrapped up, switched to McCain.

Those lovely White Mountains must suck out all common sense from the skulls of New Hampshirites. I just can’t understand these people.

JAW: Sorry to hear about the illness…Have you tried throwing the lapel pin Hillary gave you out the window? It may contain a time-delayed virus.

5: I first heard that theory from JAW!

Uh-oh, I’m not reading the right people…Okay, I’m not really reading anyone other than the occasional Hermit. La-zy!

of course, the other NPR theory was because Hillary cried—women who before thought her to be a ice-bitch now think she’s the tin-woman who just found out she had a heart. to that effect they interviewed a number of women who corroborated said theory.

to the whether or not hillary was an underdog or not