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K didn’t like Hillary Clinton’s turquoise-on-brown outfit last night. She said the turquoise was too overpowering. But I think it was nice! On the other hand, Barack Obama’s hands make me think he is really a walking skeleton, evidence to the contrary notwithstanding.



Let’s get something straight. I didn’t say I didn’t like the turquoise-on-brown. I like blue-and-brown just fine, and I particularly liked the shade of Hill’s jacket. It’s just that the turquoise jewelery was so bright that it was really distracting to look at.

That being said, I’m not one of those superficial people who pays any attention to these kinds of things.

Her hair looked nice, too—good highlights and perfect application of hairspray.

On the matter of her hair, we agree! All told, Clinton looked really sharp during the debate.

Well, hair and jewelery aside, I think she really shines in that kind of forum. Obama’s improved a lot since the early days, but he still can’t hold a candle to her performance-wise.

When it comes to addressing a large crowd, he’s the winner, hands down, of course.

He was good—stuttery, sure, but that’s endearing.

Maybe our impressions would differ if we had been able to see the whole thing. 5 min. choice segments online is not a very good way to watch, especially when CNN is so wrapped up in itself that it needs to showcase Blitzer’s trumped-up intrigue about whether the two would run together.

Yeah, but wasn’t Wolf looking really cute? I loved the tie he had on…Okay, I didn’t actually see him at all, which is fine.

This way, he can always be cute in your mind!