Hermits Rock

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Be still, oh heart!!!!1!!1

Gillian Welch! in Des Moines! in August!




I’d‘ve put up “My First Lover,” but there weren’t any youtubes.

K, you wanna play groupies? If not, can we get front-row tix instead?

It doesn’t hurt that “The Weight” is one of the best songs this side of heaven, but that’s a pretty good performance of it. Langorous.

Here’s The Band playing it in 1978. Don’t miss the doubleneck mandolin-guitar!

Love that song. Love the twangy “aaaaand…. aaaaaand…. aaaaand” of the chorus.

You love it cuz its great!

So, IMO that performance by the band is too slick. It’s like they’re covering their own song, you know? I guess that’s 1978, but still….