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I’m certain you noticed I’ve been playing with an image-rotation script for the banner image, and part of making sure it works is putting in several images to rotate.

So this post is a bald solicitation for reviews of the images in rotation. The three hermits shan’t go away (although it has been modified subtly both for visual effect and for size—page loading should be faster now, especially for those of us on dialup). As for the other two? They’re burnable if unliked. Consider them for thematic and/or aesthetic value; then leave your review in the comments. (For points of reference, one is a closeup of a prayer plant; the other is a closeup of books.) If you think the idea of a banner rotation is ridiculous, you can say that, too.

We’ll also happily take submissions for banners. Submissions ought to fit (roughly) the color scheme, and if they do not, we assume you consent to their being modified to fit. All submissions ought to be 300 pixels square. Mail submissions to hermitsrock [at] gmail.com with the subject, “Banner.”



The books are distracting. I keep looking at them wondering what they mean. Why Brontë? Why more Cooper, less Scott? What do these books mean that others do not? ...

they mean, my friend, that you are a 19th century anglophile.

i take full responsibility for not reviewing enough latin american lit.

You ought to. Or you can send me a pic of latin-american books. ...

Hey, go read that Appiah article (at right). I’ll have more to say about it tonight: it’s good for discussion’s sake.

i like the image rotator thingy, although i’m unsure when it kicks in. are the three hermits always on the index page, and then the others come into play when you click a post, or is it all straight up random on every page?

writing syllabi and trying to motivate self for another semester!

It kicks in only when your browser reloads the style sheet. Also, because the rotator is also random, it will sometimes pick the same image twice, or three times, in a row: that’s more likely too because it only has 3 pics from which to pick.

I always liked writing syllabi. But when I started teaching them, I always discovered that my eyes were bigger than reality.