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Backyardblogging: Deer Edition

An eventful morning in the ongoing saga of our backyard was preceded by a strange evening. After buying begonias, with the cats we sat outside and allowed mosquitoes to infect us with the West Nile virus. K pruned flowers. Jane and I played. Meanwhile, Bingley discovered a stalk of catnip growing out of an old flower bed. Years ago it must have been planted; Bingley now insists that we cultivate it. Later, as it was growing dark, I looked down the way and saw, to my surprise, a large catlike creature. It had a long, scraggly tail, much like a possum, but it seemed larger than a possum; its legs were long, and it slinked. After putting the cats back inside, I went to investigate, but didn’t see anything. Except for the fact that it didn’t act like a possum, I think that’s what it must have been.

This morning for the first time we watched a deer tread gingerly up the yard. She was young I think, but fully grown. Every few steps she’d stop and wait, then move closer and closer to the house. I hoped she’d come close enough to catch the cats’ attention. I wondered what they’d do: once, I watched my mom’s enormous, vicious tomcat stalk four deer in her husband’s yard. The deer ignored him, but on his belly he crept, closer and closer, fascinated. No similar luck this time, however. Where she is in the photo below is as close as she got (about 30 yards; click for a larger look).

As you can tell by the shadow in the foreground, Bingley was completely uninterested. In the yard at the same time as the deer was something much more interesting…



You live like a feudal lord, with your big-ass backyard and assorted creatures.

Where the deer stands isn’t in our backyard, in fact—it’s the neighbor’s. But it’s all open tract that runs the length of a small creek (in the big photo, the creek’s just at the treeline). Creatures use the creek as something of a jetty of wilderness that juts into town. We don’t see deer often, though.

The cat, which I think is the same cat that Bingley and Jane have encountered before, was stalking the menagerie of squirrels, bunny rabbits, and birds at our feeders. It was driving Bingley crazy to see her out there. She saw the deer, if he didn’t.

that is not a deer, it’s a very young donkey. i know what tricks you cyber-savvy people can do with your fancy programs!

You mean to say the lines and boxes didn’t convince you? Golly. If an image-enhanced inset won’t suffice, what well?