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All is suck.

The camera is still being repaired from when I dropped it last week. At the same time, the temperature has not climbed above freezing in two months, which means the snow never, ever goes away. Worse, we’ve had nearly two straight weeks of subzero wind chills. Worse still, my gym pass expired, and I cannot afford to renew it. Worse even than that, today at the dentist, my blood pressure was higher than it has ever been.



And today! I was halfway through manicuring my beard when the battery died in the trimmer!

So sad…

Tell it to the beard!

I just caught a glimpse of your beard on Manley’s MySpace. Grow on!

Don’t you ever use Flickr anymore? You’ve got a full-access pass to all the pron we put there. You could’ve seen the beard long ago!

just to reinforce you for whining, here’s a story to make you feel better: last week i brewed an entire pot of coffee at work without putting the pot back into the machine. all day my colleagues had to squish around the huge unsoppable puddle in the carpet. this when my coffee making had finally progressed to the point my colleagues were actually willing to drink what i brewed.

I’ve done similarly! At home, I once brewed a pot of coffee by never closing the lid on the coffee pot. An entire quart of water sputtered away for nearly an hour.

But that’s nothing compared to the time I spilled two cups of hot coffee on the cat. She didn’t like it, though she cleaned up better than the carpet.

I hate to spoil coffee. I am in complete sympathy with you, M.

BTW, the high today: 3 deg. F.

I have no sympathy for your temperatures. It’s 5 below here at present (although it got up to 30 today, which was positively tropical!).

Of course, I am one of those freakish people who likes cold weather.

The camera came back! It works!