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A Warning for Travelers

It’s a really bad idea, when driving in southern Ohio, to stop at a Taco Hut or Pizza Bell, and order for supper both a bean burrito and a personal pan pizza. It’s not that they don’t mix well together (they don’t) nor that they don’t agree with your stomach (they didn’t with mine), it’s that the shame you feel for having eaten a burrito and a pizza is too great to bear.



But at least you are driving through southern Ohio (on 76, I’d guess?) and thus avoiding the turnpike, which, unless the rates have gone down significantly, probably costs more than the burrito and pizza combined.

hope that your lunch isn’t a foreshadow of the apartment options you open to you.

True, to 1: turnpike would’ve been more than the $6.70 we spent on dinner tat night.

2: actually, it was a pretty good foreshadow of our options…