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You bastards!


OK, Go

So apparently…

You can’t just expect me to come to your Twitter party for no good reason.

Bleg it up

University Press Blogs

Peer Review


Creating a Digital Archive

In my ongoing effort to diminish my physical footprint on this world, I’m poised to scan every handwritten note I ever took in college and graduate school.

Workplace Wikiing

Curious, and not a little hopeful that I might find something (relatively) salacious, I looked up on the Wikipedia scanner what articles had been edited from my workplace.

old videos

¼ of the way

I’m a fourth of the way to my new computer!

Willful Evolution

On principle I don’t approve of asking for evolution, even in spite of our paltry status as multicellular organisms; it’s something that should rather happen, an accident of luck and genes. But if anyone should be allowed an exception, it’s Scott Eric Kaufman.

I’m Ashamed I Only Got Half

Is it William Faulkner, or a machine?


Should I be reading anyone else? If so, who are they, and why?

Sex You Up

Thanks to Laura, I have a new favorite pastime: plug bloggers into the Gender Genie, a years-old magic page that tells me (with numbers!) how much of a woman they are without the bother of actually asking.


Our guard fell asleep on his watch last night and allowed a serious breach to occur.


I am not alone.

Poke around, please

On the newer design.

Slide Show Semantics

The projector is still new in my church, and each effort to incorporate slide shows into both liturgy and pedagogy is a test. There have been unforeseen consequences. I suspect my church, for a number of reasons unnecessary to lay out here, also represents a peculiarly free use of the media.

Jesus, Thy Name Will Be in Lights

The day had to come when it would be my turn to invent and to drive the church’s Powerpoint slide show. That day was yesterday, and I am still not happy about how it went largely because I am not happy about the projector’s appearance in the sanctuary in the first place.

Dear Reader,

There is much we online publishers can know about readers because our readers’ reading is public; however, I maintain reading is primarily an anonymous affair, made anonymous because of a contract between me and you.

on the universality of godwin's law

Embryo Dilemma

When the excess material leftover from bioengineering is fertilized humanity, what is one to do?

Brain Tumor

Today’s the day I buy a brain tumor.

Insect Control

Seven things a remote-control butterfly cannot do.


A short article in The Economist says out loud what I’m sure we’ve all thought about Google. Is it just overwrought hyperbole, or ought we cower in fear?