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If you want to understand America

Without doubt religion is indeed in the United States, and the history of religion in the U.S. reveals much about the nation. Moreover, religion directly affects a significant cross-section of Americans’ attitudes and behaviors. The problem, however, is that there is no single attitude or behavior—indeed, there is no set of attitudes and behaviors—that one can point to and say, “You acted that way because you are an American believer!”

God bless the pornographers!


Alternate title: “That Kookaburra Stole My Steak!”

Pornography and Sex Addiction

TV Rights


My local credit union, at which I’ve been a member almost as long as I’ve lived in Iowa City (excusing a short flirt with a regional bank — which quickly became a national one), held a meeting Wednesday to assault the very idea it’s local.

jerusalem council: 2 questions

two questions on Acts 15

We Must Become More Popular!

Google has determined we are the ideal candidate for Google Consultant, a service to help small, quality Web sites increase revenue and Web traffic.

Failed Job Applications, Pt. 4

This is not the cover letter series resurrected.

in which our blogger writes about leaving and staying

in which our blogger tells his family history…and tells how he ended up where he ended up. our blogger also promises that this will eventually have a point… or, at least, he hopes.


I am of the opinion that the truest way to think about hell is idly, for it is common knowledge that an idle mind is the devil’s playground, and how better to learn about the devil’s ways than to give him room to roam?

on Writing 2

Once I expected statements about writing to be crystalline, final words for what a writer represents or intends by her work. I like this better than crystals.

Mountebank Birthday

Benjamin Franklin is to be lauded for being one of, if not the greatest American inventor, but not because he made the pot-bellied stove, nor because he invented bifocals, nor even for his hand in the making of the public library, or Pennsylvania University, or the public fire department.

2005 is Dead

As far as years go, it was a cup of concentrated Downy poured too soon into a wash of whites: it left pink stains on nearly everything, but the stains were just unnoticeable enough to make make me question whether or not I ought to replace the clothes.

Arkansas Report

All my fears of last week and last month were built out of a paranoia that I think came to being due to absence and distance.

About Writing

Of course, guessing what our readers want or expect is part of what writing is about. Writers will choose to fulfill, challenge but confirm, or reject outright readers’ expectations for what they produce. What they choose will please some readers and it will alienate others, and that is one of the few certainties there is about writing.