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O Pioneers!

Things Fall Apart has been on my bedside table for more than a month, but I am usually so exhausted by bedtime that I don’t even bother to pick it up.

If I ran a magazine…

In case you were wondering

On Reading a Few Good Books

Packing My Library

Wizard of the Crow

Reading Blues

In Search of Qualitative Change

Lately, I’ve been thinking my daily reading is too scatterbrained and insignificant.


Currently, I’m in the middle of four books, but I don’t want to open any of them or begin any new ones, even though there’s several on my table that I’m eager to read, and my ambitious project of reading our entire library is still barely fledged.


Before K woke up this morning, I read the first several chapters; when she finishes, I’ll continue. Meanwhile, if you’re finished, discuss it here. If not: spoilers!

Continue reading “HP7…”

Lev Grossman and Andrea Sachs, writing for Time about the layers of secrecy surrounding Scholastic’s printing of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows makes a keener point about reading than I usually expect from the likes of Time. However, I sympathize with Grossman’s and Sach’s point. They’re right about reading, that it’s not generally about spoilers, but about the phenomenon of reading itself and the discovery that participating in that phenomenon can engender.

Rowling, etc.

Religion & Poetry

Marilynne Robinson, reviewing Harold Bloom’s and Jesse Zuba’s anthology, American Religious Poems speaks about and around what we’ve been discussing elsewhere.

Last night, I dreamed fanfiction.

It’s gonna be a long summer.

For thy reading pleasure

A list o’links.

There’s a fine line a review walks between real comparison and name-dropping; if one’s committed to walking that line as Wood is, shouldn’t one be at least somewhat precise?

My local newspaper’s Opinion Editor, JCC, complete with clunky literary allusion and backhanded slap at readers (both moves are characteristic), is recruiting bloggers.

The Culture of the Fragment

Because the fragment and the narrative have long coexisted, both of them formulations of the world as it is perceived to be, it seems rather unlikely that one has in fact overthrown the other.


This is about the the Tournament of Books. What, is there some other big tournament in March I should know about?

Book Buying

I visited local used bookstores today, petted a cat, and bought some books.

Unread Books

Fortunately, thanks to a Frenchman, it’s now possible to learn how to never again admit my ignorance.

What I can do

I can do something amazing.

So Yo! All Y'all!

St. Augustine/St. Monica

A History of Privacy

A History of Reading

through the examples of many individuals, Augustine learns how to read the Bible and apply it to himself

An Attempt

Book III

Some preliminary thoughts on milk, motherly, worldly, Godly, and otherwise.

Book I

Golly, I'm remiss