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The Recession Strikes

Listen up

Every paycheck I get is for $7337

Return of Consternation


the other day i asked my class


Today, Dracula made the first move toward securing Jonathan Harker to teach in the local community college. Mr. Harker has dreamed colorful dreams of working for the Count, so congratulations are in order!

Confidence Man


Other than the parking ticket, our few hours in Chicago were good. We saw Laura and Balthasar Gracián and two good friends from graduate school, including Other Medievalist Mary.




I feel like I should lock the doors and shut myself away for a few months, just for the principle of maintaining my asocial street cred….

Serendipity of Ministers

The same day D, former minister there and good friend, departed after a two-day visit, I bumped into the current minister on the sidewalk.

And so it’s happened

In the darkness, we grope

I can think of better ways to begin the morning than simultaneously to realize I’ve awakened with a headache and to step in a still warm and moist hairball.

Didjya notice they’ve got an “I am John Doe” campaign, complete with a dinky picture you can put on your website, as if it were an ad?

word of the day—allobrogical

Our wedding cost us hardly a thing.

Oscar Night 2007

I know you’ve been waiting for this since last year when we all crushed hard on Joaquin Phoenix and decried the toxbow Charlize wore on her shoulder.


What makes a stalker a stalker?

It would appear that Tom Cruise has been named scientology’s messiah.

overheard on npr

Cayo Hueso

the sloven, the drunk, the tawdry, the kitsch, the bland


TomKat got married!

What??? What???

It’s time for a little inflammatory speech.


It’s a miscellaneous day.

(un)holy tryst batman...

What, in the end, will they do with the drunken sailor soldier?

Curious tales of the land below the Pyranees

In this issue Tom apologizes to Brooke, Katie is depressed?, and Super Power solves the problem of perceptics!

mutiny on the bounty?

the professor wonders if his antics will alienate his students

on the universality of godwin's law

Hometown Blues

“Won’t nothing bring you down like your hometown.”

To Che or Not to Che

Memories of my life as a commie prof

The letters stay here

Though I am still unsure as to why they were being auctioned, especially since there was already an institution in place that was to be about preserving them… MLK’s papers stay in Hotlanta

JH has a Web site!


Continue reading “JH has a Web site!…”

Snippets from an uneventful, significant day.

If royalties an author make...

Idle tidbits about the author

Just plain ole, good, delicious gossip.

A conversation

A conversation I had today at work.

TV Limbo

Once, not long ago, I was banished to TV hell. In due time I adapted. I learned to watch American Idol with much of the rest of America. I admit there was something a little thrilling about it. I thought myself a pioneer pushing out into the petit-bourgeois wilderness that is America, a faithful diarist of shallow and obscene life-as-it’s-fabricated there in the center of the culture industry.

on the strangeness of my world

since we are moving more towards a koan type format


Living by the Rules

things i try to avoid

Gambling our Education Away

An idea for Chris

You’ll eat it, right?

All Queen, all the time

American Idol, and the Flaming Lips.

The Secret's Out

The rumors you’ve heard are true.

Oscar Night

This year unemployment has decimated our moviegoing almost as much as would a) children, or b) living in the sticks.

Is it wicked to have glee over the news that the TomKat union may have been subverted by her parents over the ChristmaDays?