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Obama/McCain 2: Town-Hall Style




We crashed a wedding in Arcadia, Missouri last weekend for little reason than that mom would be there and that it would be good to get away.

what kind of dentist would you want?

Cannon 2

My dad’s cannon.

Precinct 17


Caucus Vacation

I spoke to Wiser this afternoon. He’s as giddy as a Republican in wartime to be coming to Iowa for the caucus.

Xxxxx Xxxxxxxxx

Chicago Meetup

If you’re near Chicago on Friday, December 28, join us for dinner at Star of Siam!

After work yesterday I was walking from Gilbert Street toward a parking lot when I heard a crash and looked up to see a man wrapped around the hood of a car.


Tonight I’m taking a class on meditation. “It’s taught by a monk.“http://www.meditateiniowacity.org/index.htm

It was late afternoon and very hot by the time we made it to Ames to take in the spectacle of the Iowa Straw Poll.

On the dimly luminescent side

Last night we suffered City Park’s mosquitoes for what soon became the worst fireworks show either of us had ever seen.

The usual fusilades

Walt Whitman, January 4, 1863.

Last night, I dreamed fanfiction.

It’s gonna be a long summer.



Varmint took down the bird feeder last night.


Applebee’s isn’t one of our favoritest places, but it’s a better respite from driving than a gas-station Subway.

Tornado Annum

As of 8:37 this evening, it’s been a year.

TM Town + Movies = Iowa Fun!

My cousin’s visit to Iowa was probably anticlimactic.

This day in history...

Have a Happy Christmas

Happy Christmas to you all!

Death to All Vegans

A halfhearted trip report.


I will be entertaining this weekend and therefore out of pocket.

Hermit Family Increased by 1!

Proxy birth announcement.

The Move

At least we’ll get our deposit back.