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Postcards and other ephemera

From the mouths of three year-olds


What House Would You Buy?

Dog Transfer

Carrot Survey

packing my library, redux

Careerism Again

This would be a lot easier if someone would just show me the goat now.


Nir Rosen’s reporting from Damascus about the Iraqi refugee crisis got me wondering: What are the consequences of the Iraqi diaspora outside of the Middle East?

the other day i asked my class

Do you eat crow and approach the internal candidate in the hope that you might quickly hire a known commodity, or do you solicit applications anew in what could be another long, arduous, and unsatisfying job search?


Great. Now what motivation do I have to finish the analysis of Mitt Romney’s empty “Faith in America” speech that I started writing two weeks ago?

premarital, marital, extra-marital

Get your Undies

Parking Ticket

Deciding to Move


Gilded Age

I wonder what other comparisons are cropping up between now and the late nineteenth century?

tip of the hat…

Regrettably Yours

Readers, you’re an intellectual bunch. What do you regret in your intellectual history? What should you have studied that you didn’t? How should you have studied differently? Is there a book you read at 25 that you wish you had read at 18?

how many syllabi

Cover Letters

After my previous job search, I think I learned the cover letter genre pretty well, but I’m certain I didn’t learn everything. What are your cover letters like, Internet? What seems to work best; likewise, what works though it probably shouldn’t? Horror stories? (Stories need not be limited to job applications.)

Why doesn’t Crystal Bridges have a joblist?


Wednesday the sheriff’s department discovered an animal hoarder in Solon, 10 miles from here.

Is there a difference?

If You Were an English Major

In the darkness, we grope

I can think of better ways to begin the morning than simultaneously to realize I’ve awakened with a headache and to step in a still warm and moist hairball.

rites of passage

Curious: why don’t we have any trolls?

Verily, verily I say unto thee

I’m Ashamed I Only Got Half

Is it William Faulkner, or a machine?


As much as we’re online in our house, it’s absurd that we’re still on dialup, but high-speed rates here have been exorbitant.


Should I be reading anyone else? If so, who are they, and why?

On a certain kind of perspective

Does pointing out that, every day, Iraq bears the weight of two massacres (or today, four) proportional to Seung-hui Cho’s rampage at Virginia Tech humanize the suffering of Iraqis, or does it diminish the suffering of Cho’s victims?

A Narrative Experiment

The Eternal Tickles

Demons too often appear unannounced to create havoc.

Talkin’ ‘Bout my Paradigms

Conversation Killers

Idle wondering about jackasses.


I am resolved no longer to linger.

Bible stories

a question of biblical proportions…


We watched Spielberg’s Munich this weekend. It’s good in a Spielberg-may-doubt-but- will-never-abandon-Israel kind of way. About it, I’ve got one question—it’s a spoiler, though. If you’re worried about your purity, don’t click through.

Continue reading “Munich…”

youthful indiscretion

on youthful indiscretions and such things

Dear Reader,

There is much we online publishers can know about readers because our readers’ reading is public; however, I maintain reading is primarily an anonymous affair, made anonymous because of a contract between me and you.

The Disease You Hate to Love

With all the breathless “buzz about Lance Armstrong around here, there’s also been a lot of press about his crusade against cancer. So much press, in fact, that I’ve begun to wonder if it isn’t beneath him—I mean, cancer?

Choice and all that rot

Sometimes I feel like I only make sense to myself. Perhaps it’s because it’s true, and everyone else thinks I’m a raving lunatic.

So, like

I imagine heaven as an eternal morning in a donut shop.

Working Theses

There comes a time when one must face up to one’s situation.

on color and trust

In which the professor talks some about race in the classroom.

there are some crazy ideas out there!

What should I ask?

I appeal to you: at this stage in the application process, which questions are legitimate, and which questions should I leave unasked? What is my position as a job candidate?

La insula de California

Is CoC Education little more than a Pipe-Dream, as in those perfect waves that form on the Occidental littoral of this nation?


i could also title this tying up loose threads… finding lost coins… or, tending my garden where i am… at least until the tenure clock tic-tocs me outta here

Summer Reading Group (Prospectus)

Anybody interested in doing a reading group here this summer?

Darling you gotta let me know...

in which our blogger asks are all leavings the same? and entreats others to go about the hard task of conversation

in which our blogger writes about leaving and staying

in which our blogger tells his family history…and tells how he ended up where he ended up. our blogger also promises that this will eventually have a point… or, at least, he hopes.

I Like Children's Church

Children’s church insists that a congregation’s kids are vital to the congregation’s worship.

from prison

a few qoutes from dietrich

In response to another blogger’s prompt.

what is worse… a really bad sentence and the craze of dolphin metaphors that will no doubt plague college writing like a pack of rabid orcas in 10 years… or wicca?