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4.1 earths

According to my quick guesses, it takes 4.1 earths to sustain me.

(Because K is the official money Nazi in our house, whatever she says is our score will probably better reflect our real habits. I don’t have high hopes, though: we eat out a lot.)



She says she’s 2.5. I don’t live 1.6 earths differently from her.

Presumably there’s a huge mass of people using something like 0.3 earths?

I gave up on the test; it got two onerous converting UK stuff to USA stuff after a while. Plus I live in two cities, with pretty different conditions at each place, sooooo…

You know, just because you don’t calculate your footprint on the universe doesn’t mean you don’t have one.

Well, I was 0.7 when I quit, you living smokestack. You’d have to buy a Prius for the baby Jesus to catch up with me.

But… the Baby Jesus wouldn’t be safe in a Prius!

If we keep saying the P-word JAW will come in and start gloating some more.

He bought a Prius? I must cop to not following his link. His post just said “bling” to me.

still, 4.1 acres is sustainable… 4.5 is where it starts to get bad.

i’m supposedly at 3.3, but i’m a notorious lair.

it’s hard to estimate on some of the questions; i may have given us too much credit…maybe we should average our scores and give ourselves a 3.3. guilt is what i thrive on.

8: How do you manage a 3.3, anyway? You guys have—what?—5 cars, yes?

that’s me… t’s a little different.

i don’t drive more than 40 miles a week… is one way.

and, like i said, i tend to lie…

Dude, I came out with 4.6. I blame it on coffee and air travel. Also, their estimated home energy uses for Wyoming struck me as way off—although come to think of it, a lot of people here heat with wood. That could be the difference.

I’m actually trying to decide whether to drive or fly home for Christmas. The choice has more to do with economics and convenience than anything else—and I’m leaning toward driving now, if only so I don’t have to take the Greyhound between Chicago and IC.

That’s a long drive! But, we usually drive on our trips. It’s still significantly cheaper.